Finance Essentials For Business

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Get critical financial management skills to run your business successfully!

No theory. You can apply all concepts learned in this online course immediately in your job.

7 key skills you will get to set your business and career on the path to success!

key learning points
  • Learn to read and interpret financial statements of any company.
  • Learn how to evaluate company’s performance, how to identify inefficiencies and eliminate waste, how to do more with less
  • Be able to prepare a financial profile of your company and get strategic insight into what your business needs in order to grow
  • Learn to evaluate capital investment alternatives and choose only financially viable ones
  • Learn the key concepts required to improve profitability of your organization
  • Learn how to recognize red flags in the business and mitigate risks
  • With these fundamental finance skills, you will gain confidence to make bulletproof business decisions needed to start and grow your business successfully

Is this course for me?

If you are one of the following, this course is for you:

  • Entrepreneur or a business owner feeling overwhelmed by the amount of financial information and reports and want to understand your business finances better
  • A manager or non-finance professional making important business decisions who wish to gain systematic knowledge of the essential financial concepts and understand the impact of your decisions on the organization
  • Employee or a freelancer wishing to start your own company but feel scared and confused by the alien financial concepts and terms and not sure where to start
  • Finance student looking for a quick and comprehensive refresher of finance fundamentals.
  • Anyone looking to pick up well paid in-demand skills and start a career in finance.
Target audience

No prior accounting or finance knowledge is required. The course is prepared for professionals with non-finance background who want to enhance their financial knowledge to make better business decisions. ​

Why do you need finance skills for your career and business?

Let’s see some statistics.

  • Statistics say that founders with more business and financial knowledge are better positioned for growth
  • Financial literacy is one of the most important skills today and applicable everywhere
  • For the first time, there are more startups than failures per year. All of them need financially educated managers.
  • Career in finance is one of the best paid on the market

  • Only one-third of managers and business owners are financially literate. Still, they make financial decisions every day
  • Two of the top 5 reasons why most businesses fail, relate to the lack of essential financial knowledge to run a company
  • 400,000 small and medium businesses collapse each year, only in the USA
  • 50% of small businesses fail within the first five years. Less than one-third make it past their 10-year anniversary
Financial literacy

Financial literacy is one of the most critical skills to succeed in today’s world. Whether you need it for your business, job or your private life, this is THE one skill that is applicable every time and everywhere.

If you are running a business, or want to start one, this finance course can help you gain confidence, make better decisions and build a profitable business.

If you are a manager in a corporation, you will understand the impact of your decisions on company’s financials, make more value for your organization and boost your career.

“If you want to thrive in today’s economy, you must challenge the status quo and get the financial education necessary to succeed”

Robery Kiyosaki.

Upon The Completion of The Course, You Will Be Able To

  • Read and interpret balance sheet
  • Interpret and prepare income statement
  • Understand and interpret company's cash flows
  • Learn difference between cash and profit
  • Understand difference between cash and accrual accounting
  • Prepare financial statements
  • Learn key finance and accounting terms
  • Analyze profitability of the company and compare with main peers
  • Evaluate liquidity and see if the company will have sufficient cash to settle liabilities
  • Learn how to improve profitability
  • Recognize solvency risks and identify red flags in a business
  • Identify inefficiencies in a company and how to eliminate them
  • Perform 360-degree company analysis
  • Learn financial and operational leverage risks
  • Understand impact of your decisions on company's performance
  • Make informed business decisions based on financial analysis
  • Analyze performance by using key financial ratios
  • Evaluate viability of an investment
  • Learn fundamental finance concepts to deal with investment decisions
  • Apply discounted cash flow concepts to decision-making process
  • Evaluate investment possibilities using NPV
  • Assess investments using payback period
  • Evaluate credit alternatives and save money on interest expenses 
  • Prepare loan payment plan
  • Understand inherent risks in growth and slowdown periods and how to mitigate them

Learn how to make informed business decisions and grow your business successfully

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Learn how to make information-based decisions and grow a viable business

We are launching soon. Join the list now to get notified of early access


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I know that for many of you accounting and finance concepts are overwhelming and not easy to understand. And that in your current role you might struggle to understand financial reports and terminology and make informed business decisions.

That’s why I created My goal is to help entrepreneurs, business owners, finance and non-finance professionals to excel in financial management and accounting, boost their careers and make their organizations profitable and sustainable. All the concepts described here are broken down into easy-to-understand pieces and explained in everyday language so that you can learn faster and more efficiently.

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